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Tips & Tricks
Never Scoop Again

Okay, well almost never. With a revolutionary cat litter that uses Attapulgite clay, you’ll be able to go months before needing to change the litter. Check out this demonstration video of our Simple Solution litter versus the other guys on our Simple Solution YouTube channel. While you’re there check out the other videos that will […]

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Tips & Tricks
Why is it So Hard to Get Rid of Pet Odors?

Why is it so hard to get rid of pet odors? The real reason odor continues to linger is because pet messes such as urine seep deep into the carpet pad and below the surface of the carpet. In order to clean the stain appropriately, the best products to use contain enzymes or bacteria. The […]

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Tips & Tricks
Tips for Dealing with Kitty’s Potty Problems

Does your kitty go to the bathroom outside the litter box? First take kitty to your vet to rule out any health problems. If it’s not a health issue, it could be a behavioral problem, or your kitty’s environment. Here are some tips to help make your kitty’s trips to the litter box less stressful: […]

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