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Hairy Situations: Managing Doggy Fur Shedding

If you’re anything like us, you love petting your dog’s soft coat. Alas, that fur comes at a cost: it gets everywhere. On your couch, on your floor and all over your clothes. Whether your dog is a twice-a-year shedder or messy all year-round, we’ve got some tips to help you deal.

dog shedding

Stop the fur at the source.

First things first: brush your dog. A special brush designed for dogs makes it easy to comb out large amounts of hair, then easily throw it away. For most breeds, a brush every week is enough, but for some breeds, and during particular shedding seasons, you’ll need to get out the brush every day.

Get the gadgets.

On wooden floors, a traditional broom won’t cut it. You’ll find yourself spreading dog hair around your living room. Instead, try using a broom specifically designed for dog hair.

Similarly, a good lint roller is a virtual necessity. Some operate much like rolls of tape. (Just don’t use real tape or you could damage more sensitive garments.) You can also get a fabric lint roller, which has the advantage of never needing a refill.

dog shedding


If dog hair is sticking to your clothes, here’s a simple hack: run your clothes through the dryer for ten minutes before you run them through a wash. This can loosen up the hairs and soften the fabric. Additionally, throwing in a dryer sheet can be even more effective. They have antistatic properties that can help get the fur off.

Clean the cleaners.

Just as dog hair gets everywhere around your house, it also gets everywhere in your washer and dryer. Make sure to keep them clean by running your washing machine on an empty cycle from time to time, and wiping a damp cloth around the interior of your dryer.

Hounds without Hair Loss.

Lastly, if hair is a major concern, you might consider a non-shedding breed for your next dog. Poodles and their popular cross-breeds like Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed, making them ideal for those who are allergic to dog hair or terrified of vacuum cleaners.

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