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Cleaning up after your pet: the best cleaning products for your home

We love our pets, but they’re messy! That’s why we started Simple Solution. We stock every kind of pet-related cleaning product, so you’re always prepared for what your animal family throws at you.

dog mess

Clean surface deep

Different surfaces need different cleaners. So get ready to own more surface cleaners than you thought was possible —  for wood, carpets and fabrics, bathroom surfaces, kitchen surfaces and, if you’ve got them, marble and granite countertops. Oh, plus a glass cleaner for windows… the point is, when it comes to keeping your house clean, you’ll need more products than you thought.

Organize your arsenal

Which brings us to how to store them. See, you don’t want to grab the marble cleaner when you’re looking for the curtain cleaner, do you? That’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Try using a couple of dedicated plastic bins to divide your cleaners — one for everyday products, and the other for specialist cleaners.

No stain, no pain.

Dog dragging mud on your carpets? Kitten getting into the trash? Trust us, we’ve been there, and we’ve got you covered. For the majority of day-to-day accidents and stains, try our multi-surface cleaner — it’s made to be used on sealed wood floors, carpet, tile, concrete, and more, with a special Oxy formula to trap and destroy odors.

dog messes

You vs. Odor

When you absolutely, positively, need to get rid of a pee or poop odor, use an enzymatic cleaner. These destroy the stain and the odor — meaning your dog or cat is prevented from 

making the area their new toilet. Something like our Extreme Pet Stain & Odor Remover[1] will do the job nicely.

Power up against Pee.

Need something more powerful? That’s why we created our Extreme Urine Destroyer — using our 3X Pro-Bacteria™ and enzyme formula to break down, neutralize, and permanently remove urine stains and odor.


These tips are just the start — why not let us know what your favorite cleaning products are on Twitter or Facebook?

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