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Senior Pets: Setting Your Pet and Home Up For Success

Life with a pet is always busy, but as time goes by, you start to notice those white hairs around your pet’s nose and eyes.  As we grow, our pets grow along with us, and while we don’t like to admit it, many dogs are considered to be a senior by age 8 years old.  Senior dogs, just like puppies, have special needs, and with these needs there are different products to help them thrive through the second half of their lives.

Dog Diapers to the Rescue.

Like puppies, many senior dogs have accidents as they age.  While you can’t stop the accidents from happening in your home, utilizing washable or disposable diapers or wraps can keep your home sheltered from unwanted pee spots and keep your dog comfortable during the day.  They also allow for all of the snuggles with your dog on couch without the worry of having to clean up an accident.

Coverage You Can Count On.

Gone all day at work or out shopping?  Dog pee pads are excellent to put around on the floor, furniture, or bed where your senior dog may be hanging out. All Day Pads have maximum absorbency for all day coverage in your home to take away your worry.

Accidents Around the Home?  No Problem.

We get it, sometimes accidents just happen.  Keeping a pet stain & odor remover on hand helps make cleanup easy.  The type of accident in the home will determine the best type of cleaner to use to get rid of the mess, so no one has to know!

Keep Them Active!

Just because they are getting older, doesn’t mean they still don’t enjoy going on adventures.  Spending quality time with your senior dog is just as important and finding new places to explore on hikes or walks will keep their bodies moving.

Being proactive, doing the research and finding the best products to keep your senior dog happy and healthy!


Elizabeth Potts 05/03/2022, 4:33:28 AM

Hi there . I have been using your simple solutions xxl female diapers for over a year now and though there the best I have purchased so far the last 3 orders (2 packages of 12 every order ) they seem to have changed . The wee stickers either come right off and the length seems shorter and they slip off way to easily now even when fastened on . I have tried different solutions i.e , selotape pants ect but to no avail . I will be staying with your product as they are the best but please look into this for me . My wee old age dogs need them all the time now . Elizabeth Potts , 10 Kirkowens Street, Dumfries, Scotland, DG13DS . 07761256564

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