FragranceSmart™ Odor Control All Day Pads

You’ve found it. That perfect pad that delivers the all-day dependability your busy lifestyle demands. Powered by InstaShield™ Technology, these premium dog pads hold up to 10 cups and eliminate odors to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. And they’re guaranteed to work All Day! It’s another Simple Solution® to make pet parenting easier.

  • ALL DAY PROTECTION: The super absorbent 6-layer, leak-proof quilting provides your home with dependable coverage from your pet accidents throughout the day.
  • ODOR ELIMINATING GREEN TEA FRAGRANCE: The all day dog pad releases a Green Tea Fragrance when your dog uses the pad.  This helps eliminate the unwanted odors and keep your home smelling fresh all day.
  • INSTASHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY: This premium pad holds up to 10 cups and is guaranteed to work all day for peace of mind.
  • FOR DOGS ALL AGES AND SIZES: The leak-proof pad provides all day coverage for your dog, any size from puppies to senior dogs.
  • USE ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOME: These dog pee pads cover your floors and your dog's crate for protection all day.


  • Place on floor, plastic side down and tissue side up. Introduce your dog to the pad and say a familiar command to encourage use. If she doesn’t relieve herself immediately, take her back several times until she is successful. When she relieves herself on the pad, reward her with a treat or enthusiastic praise. Replace as needed. TRAINING TIPS:  Ensure pad is accessible to your pet and away from her bed and food.

Training Tips:

  • Keep the pad in an area that is available to your dog, but away from his bed and food.
  • When accidents happen, remove all traces of the odors to prevent your dog from repeat marking.
  • Try OUT! Stain & Odor Remover for all of life's little messes.


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