Potty Please! House Training Bells

Avoid indoor accidents by teaching your dog "Potty Please!™" It's easy to learn, and easy to use.  Now your dog can communicate when it's time for him to use the potty, making both of you happy! With a little effort and a lot of love, your dog will catch on in no time.

  • HEAVY DUTY QUALITY FOR LONG LASTING RESULTS: The heavy duty, nylon cord is created for everyday use by your pet, with bells that you can hear to help your pet avoid indoor accidents.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: The adjustable handle allows for easy use for puppies and dogs any size in any home. 
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO TRAIN: Easy step by step training allows for simple training for puppies or dogs of any age and size to utilize the Potty Please!™ housetraining bells for their potty training needs.
  • SAFETY DESIGN FOR PETS: Potty Please!™ houstraining bells are safe for your dog to use.
  • USE IN ANY HOUSE, ON ANY DOOR: Whether you live in a home, apartment, or other style home, the Potty Please!™ training bells hang securely on any size or shape of doorknob.


Getting Started: Use the command work "Touch" and show the Potty Please!™ Bells to your dog, a few inches away from his nose.  Train your dog to touch the Potty Please!™ bells with their nose or paw, and reward with a treat. To encourage your dog, start by using a small dab of cheese or dog-safe peanut butter on the bell.  Use the command "Touch" as your dog's cue. As soon as his nose or paw touches the bell, reward him with a treat to show he's done a good job. Repeat 10-15 times until you notice your dog is continually repeating the desired behavior.  Next, each time you cue your dog to "Touch", move the Potty Please!™ bells further away from him and reward him with a treat when he touches the bell. Within a week, you should be ready to move on!  Hang your Potty Please!™ housetraining bells on the door you use to take your dog outside, as shown. Adjust the handle strap to secure it tightly on any type of door handle and adjust the length as needed.

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